What we do:
At One Light Academy, we provide resources and support to empower individuals in their personal development journey. Our "Slaying the Onion" book and leadership materials are designed to help you lead a more authentic and purposeful life. We guide you in uncovering and overcoming your fears, creating transformative moments, and crafting new stories that align with your true self. 
Who we serve:
We serve individuals who believe in their divine uniqueness and are seeking guidance to live a life filled with meaning. Our resources are tailored for those who are ready to explore their layers, challenge their perspectives, and embrace personal growth. Whether you are looking to overcome obstacles, clarify your current stories, or create a brave perspective, we are here to support you on your path. 
Problem we solve:
We solve the problem of individuals feeling stuck or unfulfilled by providing them with the tools and guidance they need to unlock their full potential. Many people struggle with fears, limiting beliefs, and a lack of clarity in their lives. We help individuals overcome these obstacles, gain self-awareness, and create a life that is aligned with their values and desires. By offering resources and serving as a valuable support system, we enable individuals to transform their lives and experience personal growth.

© April Ballestero

Copyright April Ballestero