From Biases to Breakthroughs: My Session with Alison Armstrong

As I was revisiting some of my "Address the Elephant in the Room"  video interviews, one particular discussion really stood out. It’s the conversation I had with Alison Armstrong, the insightful author of "The Queen's Code." More than just informative, this chat was brimming with engaging and memorable moments. Together, we ventured into a deep exploration of how our ingrained thought patterns and biases can profoundly shape our interactions, significantly influencing both our personal lives and professional relationships.

Unpacking Biases with Alison:
As a leadership coach, I've always been fascinated by the stories we tell ourselves and how they influence our behavior. Alison's journey in understanding the dynamics of communication between men and women offered profound insights into this. Her experiences and revelations highlight the importance of recognizing and reassessing our biases for better communication and relationships.

The Warm-Up to Conversations:
 Alison highlighted the necessity for trust and a gradual approach to conversations, especially for women.

Alison’s Personal Transformation: 
She shared her own story of how early marital challenges led her to a critical understanding of gender dynamics, reshaping her approach to men and communication.

The 'Frog Farmer' Insight:
 This metaphor, used by Alison to describe how she unwittingly brought out the worst in men, became a pivotal point in her journey and work.

The Path to Updating Biases:
 This conversation underscored the critical need to continuously reevaluate and update our biases for healthier communication and relationships.

Insights from 'The Queen's Code
': Alison's book offers valuable perspectives on masculinity and femininity, providing key insights for both men and women to understand and value each other's unique strengths.

This insightful interview with Alison Armstrong has been a significant reminder of the transformative power of understanding and empathy in both leadership and communication. In my role as a coach, I not only help clients to navigate their biases but also to embrace their truest selves. This is a key aspect of my Living Unlayered Leadership programs, which are designed to change the way you show up in your life, both personally and professionally. Watch my Interview with Alison Armstrong

In these programs, we delve into the layers that define us, uncovering the core of who we are and who we want to be. It's about making meaningful changes that resonate through all aspects of our lives.

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