Exploring Leadership Development with April Ballestero


In an engaging Q&A session held on April 8th, 2024, April Ballestero, founder of One Light Ahead and One Light Academy, shared valuable insights into the world of leadership and personal development. As a seasoned executive coach, April discussed the core aspects of her leadership philosophy, detailed in her books, and provided practical advice on fostering growth and alignment in both personal and professional realms.

Key Highlights from the Session

  1. Foundational Leadership Concepts
    • April introduced the concept of BRAVE leadership, an acronym representing the qualities of a brave leader: Being who you are, Responsible for whom you serve, Attracting what you need, Valuing your core beliefs, and Experiencing life fully.
    • The discussion emphasized the importance of aligning thoughts with one’s purpose, which is critical in fulfilling personal and professional goals.
  2. Personal and Professional Development
    • She underscored the need for continuous development, stating that leadership training is essential not only in crisis but as a regular practice.
    • April provided insights into the structure of their leadership programs, which include personal coaching, team coaching, and leadership retreats aimed at developing brave leaders.
  3. Strategic Planning and Goals
    • The session covered the strategic approach taken by One Light Ahead to plan and execute leadership development programs quarterly. April shared how they assess and realign their strategies to ensure effectiveness and adaptability.
    • Examples included the successful conduct of leadership retreats and coaching sessions that led to significant personal growth among participants.
  4. Future Directions
    • Looking ahead, April discussed upcoming programs, including a leadership academy and a series of retreats designed to accommodate more individuals seeking to enhance their leadership skills.
    • She also hinted at expanding leadership academies into multiple states, reflecting the growing demand for structured leadership development.


April Ballestero’s Q&A session was a deep dive into the mechanics of leadership and personal development. Participants were offered a clear roadmap to understanding and enhancing their leadership skills through structured programs and thoughtful self-assessment. For anyone looking to step up their leadership game, revisiting this session is an opportunity to align with a community dedicated to creating brave and transformative leaders.
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