Welcome to the One Light Academy monthly Q&A session, "Aligning Thoughts with Purpose." I'm April Ballestero, the founder and facilitator of One Light Academy. In our recent session, I had the pleasure of hosting Carie and Heber Gonzalez. Together, we explored their journey through multiple business ventures, the importance of aligning thoughts with purpose, and the transformative impact of leadership coaching.

Joining the One Light Community
During our conversation, I asked Carie and Heber how they became part of the One Light community. Heber reminisced about our initial coaching sessions over a decade ago, which led to significant breakthroughs in his career. Carie's decision to join was influenced by Heber's positive experiences and their mutual need for a fresh perspective in their business endeavors.

Building a Business Empire
Carie and Heber Gonzalez run several businesses, including real estate, life insurance, lending, and property management. Heber shared their journey, highlighting how their real estate business expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading them to venture into other industries. Carie added that safety concerns in real estate prompted her to explore lending, although she eventually gravitated back to real estate due to her passion for the field.

The Role of Leadership Coaching
My leadership coaching has played a pivotal role in helping the Gonzalez Team align their business goals with their personal values. Heber shared how attending our leadership retreat helped him overcome emotional barriers, particularly related to the loss of his mother. This breakthrough enabled him to communicate more effectively and build stronger connections with others.

The Importance of Systems and Structures
Carie and Heber emphasized the importance of systems and structures in managing multiple businesses. Heber, a fan of systematic approaches, discussed how they adapted models from Keller Williams to suit their needs. Carie highlighted the necessity of simplicity and clarity in these systems to ensure both partners are on the same page.

Creating a Podcast
The Gonzalez Team launched a podcast titled "Opposites Unite," reflecting their complementary perspectives. Heber and Carie discussed how their different viewpoints help them navigate challenges and provide valuable insights to their audience. The podcast aims to offer dual perspectives on various topics, helping listeners overcome their own hurdles.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Heber and Carie offered valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Heber stressed the importance of tackling difficult conversations head-on to build trust and prevent issues from festering. Carie emphasized the value of reaching out to people with strong, positive input and continuously seeking knowledge and connections.

Throughout our conversation, we highlighted the significance of community and continuous learning. Engaging in conversations that align thoughts with purpose is crucial, and leveraging the resources available within One Light Academy can be incredibly beneficial.

This insightful session underscores the power of leadership coaching, effective communication, and systematic approaches in achieving business success and personal growth. I am grateful to Carie and Heber for sharing their journey and inspiring us all.


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