Aligning Thoughts with Purpose: A Deep Dive with Mike & Amanda Dodson
In the realm of personal growth and development, aligning our thoughts with our purpose not only serves as a foundation for achieving our goals but also enhances the quality of our lives and those around us. This insight comes to life through the experiences shared by Mike and Amanda Dodson in a thought-provoking discussion hosted by April Ballestero.

The Journey of Referral and Purpose

April Ballestero's community meetings are more than just gatherings; they are intimate sessions where individuals come together to explore the depths of personal and professional development. In a recent session, the spotlight was on Mike and Amanda Dodson, a couple whose journey began through a referral tree that exemplifies the power of networking and personal connections. Their story is a testament to the community's ethos of purposeful engagement and the transformative power of coaching.

The Systems and Structures of Transformation

Mike and Amanda's experience with coaching introduced them to new systems and structures that significantly impacted their business, DCI Electric, and personal lives. From purchasing a new vehicle to enhance their professional image to implementing a comprehensive paperwork system, their journey highlights the importance of being purposeful in thoughts and actions.

The Role of Coaching in Personal Growth

The coaching experience was a catalyst for personal growth for both Mike and Amanda. It challenged them to reconsider their approach to business and life. Mike's involvement in BNI networking and Amanda's multitasking prowess as a homeschooler, community volunteer, and business administrator underscore the multifaceted challenges they faced. Coaching helped them navigate these challenges by introducing them to new perspectives and practices that aligned their actions with their intended purpose.

Deepening Relationships Through Shared Growth

One of the most profound impacts of their coaching experience was on their relationship. The process of alignment not only brought to light the areas where they needed growth but also how they could grow together. By learning to add value in every situation, reconsidering leadership styles, and embracing the joy in spontaneity, Mike and Amanda discovered new depths to their relationship and a renewed sense of purpose in their joint endeavors.

The Power of Reflection and Alignment

The journey of alignment is ongoing, marked by moments of reflection, learning, and growth. Mike and Amanda shared insights into how their coaching experience has led to a deeper understanding of their personal identities and how these revelations have shaped their approach to business and life. Their story is a reminder of the continuous nature of growth and the importance of embracing every step with an open heart and mind.


Mike and Amanda Dodson's journey with April Ballestero's coaching is a powerful narrative of transformation, relationship building, and purposeful living. Their experiences underscore the significance of aligning our thoughts with our purpose, not just as a strategy for success, but as a pathway to a more fulfilling life. Their story is an inspiration for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and their potential to effect positive change in their lives and the lives of those around them.

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